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Introduction to Vivid Voice:

This is a class about voice, but it's more than just about sentences and word choice. We will get to that! But please be patient, because I think of voice as something larger, encompassing not only your style but your attitude, world view, story choice-- all the things that affect how you present the story. So my working definition is:
Voice is your unique way of presenting the story.

A few aphorisms to get us going:
Voice is choice-- the choices you make at every layer of the story-making.
There is an innate quality about voice, but you are not stuck with the voice you start with. It can be found, then refined, and even changed.
And like an adolescent boy's voice, it can definitely deepen! 

Here are the topics we'll be addressing. Notice we start "big picture," and then later get into what most people think of as voice-- Words and sentences.

  1. Voice in story choice

  2. Voice in plot design

  3. Voice in scene design

  4. Voice in character

  5. Voice in passages

  6. Voice in paragraphing

  7. Voice in sentences

  8. Voice in word choice

We'll start out with story choice and plot. It's a lot of material, but we will get through all this! :) And in the end, you'll know a lot more about voice, and especially a lot more about your own voice!

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