Alicia goes deep. Her workshop can benefit writers at all points of their careers. Nichole Christoff

Alicia’s insights help me to find a way to reach my readers, and make them feel deeply and care about my characters. Saralee Etter

Alicia brings a caseful of knowledge that she happily shares with her students. Her vivid examples of techniques she is teaching are very effective. Cheryl Krouse

This feedback was awesome.  Thank you for not only answering my questions, but assisting with some potential outlines.  You cannot imagine how helpful this information was to my current project. Christopher Abbey

This was an amazing experience. I was concerned about taking a pacing class when I only had a vague mental road map of my story and a brief outline of three scenes. Alicia pulled the story out of me and made me think about the characters and their motivations. I see scenes in a new, dynamic way. The Rule of Three is making my scenes richer. My scene endings are going to make the pages turn now that I am considering if the scene goals were met with the "Yes, but" and "No, and furthermore" options. I started writing as a Pantser and Alicia has turned me into a plotter with a real outline. I truly enjoyed the class and benefited so much. Denise Tiller, mystery writer.

Personable, really prepared, above all charitable. Dumbs it down without dumbing it down!  Jeanne Wherley

Great presentation. Topics very helpful to new writers.  Amanda Aquino

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic class, which helped me write scenes, develop characters, and really flesh out my plot. I'd only written 10 pages, so I only had a general idea of where I was headed. Now, I can't wait to write this book. You gave us so many tools that I can go back to again and again to absorb better and develop my plot more fully. I can't begin to delineate all the revelations I experienced as a writer in general while taking the class. You've given me a true step up in my writing, and it's more than I hoped for. Thank you so much. Amanda Griffith

This class is amazing.  I'm printing out your lessons, marking them up with notes all over the place. Thank you so much.  I've learned so much. Pat Snelling

“For the last decade and a half, I have used Alicia Rasley’s extraordinary Synopsis class notes folder every time I sell a story to an NYC editor. Her method has never failed me. Rasley breaks apart a critical and difficult task and (almost) makes it fun, something this writer never thought remotely possible.” Sophia Nash

She helped my writing immensely. Sandy Wickersham McWhorter

Alicia is a wonderful teacher. I can’t wait to put to use what she taught me. Antricia Tran


Ellyn Kestnbaum--Lots of great information about pacing at a macro, medium, and micro scale. Alicia also takes the time to pay attention to student submissions and offer thoughtful feedback.

Quick ability to explain and run with intriguing and unusual questions and story concepts, with real thoughtful insight. Amalie Berlin

Really enjoy her interactive presentations! Robin Gianna

Great presentation on strengths and weaknesses as two sides of a coin. This will really help me deepen my characters’ journeys! Jeanne Estridge

I was once told my heroine was a horrible bitch because she was so unfeeling. I won’t have that problem again thanks to Alicia’s Emotion Without Sentimentality workshop. Margaret Crowley

Alicia is a wonderful teacher. I can’t wait to put to use what she taught me. Antricia Tran

I'm really sad this class is over and would look forward to any class Alicia teaches. I taught school for 30+ years and recognize a great teacher when I see one. She's encouraging, inspiring, and incredibly astute. Many of us felt amazed at her ideas in feedback. She helped me so much in my writing. The class was a great deal for the price. Alicia gave us so much individual critique.  Amanda Griffith

Quick ability to explain and run with intriguing and unusual questions and story concepts, with real thoughtful insight. Amalie Berlin

Alicia makes writing relatable. She offers so many concrete examples, it makes it very easy to improve.

Alicia pulls examples from Greek classics to Shakespeare to Harry Potter, and especially from the audience, and handles them all with expertise.

I’ve seen Casablanca a thousand times, but now thanks to Alicia, I finally understand how to use its example to build a rounder character.

I’m always looking for ways to revitalize my story as I work on the outline. You taught me to be a better writer; structure is everything. I’m lucky to have learned these things from you  Marc M

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